East Cape Health Center

People Helping People

A Non-Profit Health Center in Los Barriles


Maximizing Donations
Founded in 2000 we provide medical and dental care to the children of our community at no cost as well as staff the area's only fully functional emergency medical services. Our new location in Plaza Liberdad (near Banamex) is being stocked with advanced medical equipment to even better serve the community.

In addition to providing medical care to individuals and families who lack the resources or find it difficult to meet basic health care needs, we also bring in rotating doctors to meet special needs: diabetes control and prevention, vision exams, and community outreach education.

Serving Many Patients
Serving Many Patients
Helping People
Diagnosing and Helping People

Helping People

Our non-profit provides assistance with doctor visits, medication, diagnostic testing, and hospitalizations. We also provide durable medical devices for the post-surgical or home-bound patient and assistance to families and elderly patients with end of life care and hospice services.

With Rotary International, we have an ongoing Diabetic Program providing education and treatment. Our medical services are provided by an accredited on-site Physician, Registered Nurse, and Chemist, while our Dental Clinic is staffed by accredited Dentists, and Dental Assistants.

Community Involvement

We run health screening and educational workshops to promote community awareness in disease detection and the treatment of chronic illness such as Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Teaching proper brushing techniques.
Educating Children

Our dental personnel go into the local schools and alberques (boarding schools for the rancher's children) providing dental hygiene instruction and evaluation. Each child is programmed for a follow-up appointment in the Dental Clinic with treatment as necessary, at no cost to the family.

We also provide assistance with emergency medical response and crisis intervention in humanitarian and natural disasters through our affiliation with the local police and Cruz Roja (Red Cross).

In addition, we are able to provide our community service with an on-site physician, registered nurse, chemist and diagnostic tools, at a reduced cost.

Gail, Edgar, and Yessi
Gail, Edgar, and Yessi